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Pair Diamond Certificate

As every experienced gemstone collector knows - there’s no such thing as two perfectly matching diamonds which are identical in all respects. But it’s possible, albeit rare, to find flawless gemstones which are very close to perfect matches. When looking at the similarity of gems, the four C’s of each diamond needs to be compared – that of carat, cut, clarity and color. Ideally a pair will have been cut out of the same rough stone, and by the same cutter. Matching pairs are very rare in nature – particularly since both transparent and fancy color diamonds are so rare to find in the first place. And, the higher the grade of diamond, the harder it will be to find another to match it - finding one perfectly cut, flawless diamond is a rarity, but finding two is an exceedingly rare occurrence – these appearing only every few years. Why ? are Matched Pairs of Diamonds so Desirable? Matching diamond pairs are commonly used to create earrings, combined together in a ring, or used to complement each other in any other type of diamond jewelry. Matched stones can be reused in other settings t side by side, and diamonds of identical value can be conveniently divided as part of inheritances.